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MOBISUN 2kW Mobile Smart Solar Trailer is a robust energy storage system that integrates a Schneider Electric smart pure-sine wave power inverter/charger and deep-cycle batteries from Discover Energy. Housed in a compact, lightweight aluminum dual-axle trailer, Mobisun 2kW’s HVAC climate control and EMF protection is designed to endure even the most extreme of environments. The proprietary electric actuator lift and tracking system ensures optimal position of the solar array for maximum power harvesting from the sun and only requires one person to deploy.

The MOBISUN 2kW will simultaneously integrate multiple sources of power generation along with its 2kW solar array. For example, a high-efficiency Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and/or a traditional diesel/gas/propane generator can be connected to the smart inverter/charger that not only manages the flow of power from various  sources of electricity, stored battery power and loads, it can be monitored remotely through the internet on a tablet or computer while providing a WiFi Hotspot.

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Robust off-grid power & storage

  • Replace or off-set the use of diesel
  • Proprietary insulated aluminum design with climate control and EMF protection
  • R12 NEMA 4X enclosure equivalent
  • Proven, best-in-class inverter technology; True-sine inverter for sensitive electronics
  • 2.5-day no recharge run time @ up to 7kW load based on 5 hours of direct sun daily
  • Single-person deployment and operation
  • Smart IoT Cloud-Based communications, remote control, monitoring, data collection & analysis
  • On-board LTE/4G/3G or Satellite access to the internet that also provides the area with a WiFi Hotspot
  • Proprietary, patent-pending positioning/tracking wheel to optimize sun harvesting
  • Silent, clean and no emissions
  • Significantly lower-priced than competition
  • Several security features to prevent theft


Based on loads that add up to 7 kWhrs, the MOBISUN 2kW uses the stored power at night, or when the sun is not shining, for up to 2.5 days without recharging. After being used for 1 day, it will only takes approximately 5 hours of  direct sun to recharge the deep- cycle dry-cell battery bank. When there hasn’t been enough sun hours to recharge the batteries, a traditional generator can be utilized to recharge the batteries and ensure 24-hour up-time.

AC Loads Qty Watts Per
AC Load
Hours/Day Days/Week Watt Hours/Day
Compact Fluorcent Bulbs 10 5 12 7 600
Fan 2 75 12 7 1800
16 cf Refrigerator 1 122 10 7 1220
17” LCD Television 1 25 2 7 100
Satellite Receiver 1 30 6 7 180
Laptop Computer 4 25 4 7 400
Mobile Phone Charger 4 2 5 7 40
Battery Charger 4 12 4 5 137
Well Pump 1/2 HP 1 700 0.5 7 350
Air Conditioner 1 60 4 7 2400

TOTAL WATT HOURS PER 24 HOURS………………………………………………………………………7242

OPTIONS: Battery Storage & Additional Power Generation


Sensitive electronics and batteries can suffer from reduced life and performance well in extreme heat or cold. The MOBISUN system is built with high-efficiency heating and cooling units that will maintain the environment inside the trailer at the optimum operating temperatures. The sealed (HVAC) units also protect the more sensitive equipment from dust, sand and other small particles in the air since it does not mix the inside and outside air. Automatic switching along with monitoring overall performance remotely ensures that the MOBISUN will operate perfectly at any location and extreme environment thus ensuring optimized lifetime and  a predictable ROI.


Remotely configure and monitor the MOBISUN system through our Internet of Things (IoT) proprietary software.  collects data and event logs, as well as graphical displays of historical and real-time energy harvest and power yield are easily reviewed over the internet using a Web browser or Android tablet device for easy performance analysis and troubleshooting – anywhere.


Mobisun’s sophisticated design consists of several proprietary elements and manufacturing processes that are unique in this market today including patent-pending tracking wheel; thermal bridging/climate control and EMF protection.


When more power and storage is necessary, MOBISUNs can be connected to create a micro-grid Alternatively, customized solutions – mobile or stationary – are available that use the same reliable electrical architecture for power conversion and power storage to support a wide range of uses and requirements.


Since all of the equipment used in the MOBISUN are all bankable from tier-one manufacturers, MOBISMART can arrange for low-rate leasing for any one of our models. If you need an OPEX option, we can setup a Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) to pay only for the power that is used.

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