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MOBISMART Mobile Off-Grid Power & Storage Inc. has a designed and developed a portfolio of easily deployed Mobisun Mobile Off-Grid Power & Storage solutions for use in remote and temporary locations. Designed to be a clean, robust, low-maintenance and cost-effective replacement or to off-set usage of traditional fossil fuel generators. Mobisun Off-Grid Power Generators are clean, quiet, require no fuelling, and can be left unattended for months at a time thanks to global remote monitoring.

MOBISMART’s suite of products is primarily solar power driven with additional/optional vertical axis wind turbines. Remote monitoring, patentable technology, ruggedized environmental design, and high volume production capacity distinguish Mobisun from the handful of small competitors typically combining OTS products intended for generic use or costly customized one-off solutions.

These off-grid generators have power outputs that are especially suitable for construction, communication and cell towers. Hybrid solar and wind solutions have been proven cost-effective especially through a Leasing/OPEX and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). Other target markets include disaster relief, NGOs, agriculture as well as construction and mining exploration – globally – where diesel and fossil fuel is currently being used and must be replaced for environmental and economic reasons.

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