Mobisun/Starwind5: Mobile PowerStation 2.0

2.0 CONVERGENCE = BEST IN CLASS LCOE “Levelized Cost of Energy”

Especially when you have best in class components from Starwind5, Mobisun and their partner technology with companies like Schneider, Discover Energy, Canadian Solar, SKF and others as part of the solution.

It all equals a hybrid world class hybrid mobile power station with:

  • Low Mount Wind Powered Electricity Generation
  • Concentrated Solar Powered Electricity Generation
  • Fuel Powered Electricity Generation (Diesel, Propane, NG or Petrol)
  • Long Life Battery Storage
  • Browser based Cloud Management for Remote Monitoring & Control

2233 V9 Pultrusion Blade in Seafoam Gray Side Elevation with G_N Pole Sleeve white blades bal backside

This means the Mobisun Mobile Power Station equipped with Starwind5 is ready for action , in just a few hours due to innovative shared “rapid stab”grounding, and super fast solar panel (under 15 minutes) and wind turbine deployment (under 30 minutes).

More importantly, you and your Android or Apple Mobile device are in control and always connected using the same browser based Dashboard, no matter where you are.

Better yet, you get 10 year warranty protection and “pay as you play” or scheduled service worldwide from marquee technology partners through your choice of local installer and maintainer.


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